1. Sirināga I. King of Ceylon (249-68 A.C.). He was the brother of Kuñcanāga's queen and was his commander in chief. He rebelled against the king and defeated him; he then reigned in Anurādhapura. He erected a parasol over the Mahā Thūpa, rebuilt the Lohapāsāda, and restored the steps leading to the Bodhi tree. His son was Vohārika Tissa. Mhv.xxxvi.21ff.; Dpv.xxii.34f.

2. Sirināga II. King of Ceylon (300-302 A.C.). He was the son of Tissa (Vohāriksa- Tissa) and brother of Abhayanāga. He restored the wall round the Bodhi tree and built the Hamsavatta of the Bodhi tree temple. His son was Vijayakumāra. Mhv.xxxvi.54f.; Dpv.xxii.46f.

3. Sirināga.-A brahmin. Wishing to become king of Ceylon, he sought to obtain the treasures from the cetiya in Dakkhinamahāvihāra. But Bahula, who knew the secret passage, refused to help him and was put to death. Sirināga pillaged the Madhupitthiya Cetiya, and, with its wealth, became king of Anurādhapura. Later he fell ill of gastric disease and was reborn in hell. Ras.ii.7f.

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