King of Ceylon (362-409 A.D.). He was the son of Mahāsena. He restored the monastic buildings destroyed by Mahāsena and hold a festival in the Ambatthala cetiya in honour of Mahinda, of whom he made a life size image of gold. He erected the Sotthiyākara-vihāra and built a stone terrace round the Tissavasabha bodhi. The Buddha's Tooth Relic was brought to Ceylon in the ninth year of the king's reign, and the king placed it in the Dhammacakka-pāsāda. He held a great festival in honour of the Relic, and decreed that similar festivals should be held yearly in the Abhayuttara vihāra. He is said to have built eighteen vihāras. He was succeeded by Jetthatissa. Cv.xxxvii.53ff.

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