King of Ceylon, He was the son of the senāpati of Moggallāna III. and held the office of sword bearer. He rebelled against the king and killed him at Sīhagiri. Then he killed Dalla-Moggallāna and became king of Anurādhapura, reigning for nine years (617-626 A.C.).

Urged by a monk, named Bodhi, he proclaimed a regulation act against the undisciplined monks of Abhayagiri; but these monks murdered Bodhi and were severely punished by the king. Later he quarrelled with the Theravāda monks and retired to Dakkhinadesa, where he died (Cv.xliv. 43, 53ff). Aggibodhi III. and Kassapa II. were his sons. He was also evidently known as Silādātha. See Cv.xlv.51; also Cv.Trs.94, n.1.

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