1. Siggava.-A king of long ago, who was destroyed by the gods because be insulted holy ascetics. He was a former birth of Upāli Thera. ThagA.i.368.

2. Siggava.-A minister's son of Pātaliputta, who lived in three palaces in great luxury. When he was eighteen, he visited, with his friend Candavajjī, Sonaka Thera at the Kukkutārāma and entered the Order with five hundred companions. During seven years, Siggava visited for alms the house in which Moggaliputta Tissa (q.v.) was born, without so much as receiving a word of welcome, but, in the end, he converted and ordained him, teaching him the Tipitaka (Mhv.v.99,120-51; Dpv.iv.40, 57, 89; Sp.i.32, 235; DhSA.32).

Siggava's father was Sirivaddha. MT. 215.

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