The Bodhisatta was king of Benares and ruled well. One of his courtiers was found guilty of an intrigue in the harem and was banished. He went to the court of an enemy king and persuaded him to lead an army against Benares. The Bodhisatta offered no resistance, and was captured and cast into the prison in chains. While there he developed the ecstasy of pity towards his enemy, whose body became filled with great pain. Having discovered the reason, he set the prisoner free and restored to him his kingdom.

The story was related in reference to a courtier of the king of Kosala who was imprisoned on a false charge. Owing to his virtue he became a sotāpanna, and the king, discovering his innocence, set him free.

Ananda is identified with the marauding king. J.ii.400, 403; of. the Mahāsilava Jātaka.

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