The village in which Senānī lived. It was the residence also of his daughter Sujātā, who gave milk-rice to the Buddha. It was near Uruvelā and on the banks of the Nerañjarā (J.i.68).

The name seems originally to have been Senānigama (E.g., S.i.106; Vin.i.21; M.i.166, 240).

Buddhaghosa himself does not seem to have been sure of the spelling. He says (SA.i.135) it was so called because it was occupied by soldiers at the beginning of the kappa (pathamakappikānam senāya nivitthokāse patitthitagāmo) or because it was the village of Sujātā's father Senānī (Sujātāya vā pitu Senānī nāma nigamo).

The Lalitavistara (p.311, [248]) calls it Senāpatigrāma.

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