1. Revatī. Wife of Nandiya. Her story is given in DhA.iii.290ff. and also at VvA.220ff, also referred to in PvA.257. According to the VvA. version, Nandiya was born after death in Tāvatimsa, but Revatī, on the death of her husband, stopped the gift of alms which he had instituted, abused the monks, and was cast alive into hell.

2. Revatī. An upāsikā, probably of Nālaka. She was a patron of Sāriputta, and, on his death, she brought three vases filled with golden flowers to be offered at the pyre. Sakka came, with his great retinue, to do honour to the Elder, and in the crush caused by his arrival Revatī was trampled to death. She was immediately reborn with a body three gāvutas in height in Tāvatimsa, and, on discovering the cause of her happiness, she appeared with her followers before the people and declared her homage to Sāriputta. SA.iii.177f.

3. Revatī. Another name, according to the Dīpavamsa (xxi.40f.; cp. Mhv.xxxv.14f), for Sīvalī, daughter of King āmandagāmani Abhaya. She was the sister of Cūlābhaya and succeeded him for a period of four months, when she was dethroned by Ilanāga.

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