1. Rativaddhana. One of the three palaces of Vessabhū Buddha in his last lay life. BuA.205; the Bu. (xxii.19) calls it Vaddhana.

2. Rativaddhana. A palace of Kakusandha Buddha in his last lay life. BuA.209; but BuA.(xxiii.16) calls it Vaddhana.

3. Rativaddhana. A palace of King Sabbadatta in the city of Ramma (Benares). J.iv.122.

4. Rativaddhana. A palace in Mithilā. It was the special residence provided for Rujā by her father Angati. J.iv.231,232.

5. Rativaddhana. A pleasure park of Asoka. The king led Moggaliputtatissa there on his arrival from Ahogangapabbata, and, at the king's request, the Elder caused a partial earthquake. Mhv.v.257ff.

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