One of the five daughters of Vijayabāhu I. and Tilokasundarī (Cv.lix.31). Soothsayers predicted that she alone, of these daughters, would bear a son and would thus become the king's favourite child. Later she married Mānābharana, by whom she had two daughters Mittā and Pabhāvatī   and a son who later became famous as Parakkamabāhu I. (Cv.lix.34ff., 44; lxii.3, 12ff ).

After her husband's death, she lived with her children in Mahānāgahula, protected by her husband's brother, Sirivallabha (Cv.lxiii.4). Later, she went and lived at the court of his elder brother, Kittisirimegha (Cv.lxvii.75ff). She died at Khīragāma and was cremated there.

Parakkamabāhu erected the Ratanāvali cetiya in her memory. Cv.lxxix.71.

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