An arahant. He was the son of a banker of Rājagaha and lived a dissolute life, till one day, on witnessing the arrest of an adulterer, he was very agitated and joined the Order. As a monk, too, he lived in luxury, in a well furnished room hence his name. Later, seized with remorse, he wandered out of his cell. On the way he saw a carter refresh a weary bull and then re-yoke him. Determined to take up his duties as a monk, he sought Upāli, and, with his help, attained arahantship. In the past he had offered koranda flowers to Vipassī Buddlha (Thag.vs.45; ThagA.i.115f).

He is probably identical with Korandapupphiya Thera of the Apadāna. Fifty seven kappas ago he was a king named Vītamala. Ap.i.206.

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