A slave in the village of Gayā. Her mistress disliked her and ill treated her in every way. One day, in order to escape being pulled by her hair, she had her head shaved; but her mistress then had a rope tied round her head, with which she pulled her about; hence her name. Unable to bear her life any longer, the slave went into the village near by, intending to commit suicide, but there she found the Buddha waiting for her, and he preached to her. Rajjumālā, became a sotāpanna, and then returned to her mistress, who, having heard her story, visited the Buddha and became his follower. The Buddha explained that the two women had had their positions reversed in a previous birth, and that the then slave, who was the mistress in the present birth, had vowed vengeance for the cruelty inflicted upon her. Rajjumālā was freed and was born after death in Tāvatimsa. Vv.iv.12; VvA.206ff.

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