An arahant. He belonged to a caravan leader's family of Sāvatthi, and was so called because he was born through the favour of Vessavana. When he came of age he took a caravan of five hundred carts to Rājagaha. Then, having squandered all his money, he went to Veluvana, and, after hearing the Buddha preach, entered the Order and lived in a charnel field. While wandering about, he saw the mangled body of a murdered courtesan and only with a great effort saved himself from distraction of mind. Later, he induced jhāna and won arahantship.

Fourteen kappas ago he had seen a Pacceka Buddha at the foot of a tree and had given him an ambātaka (mango?) fruit (Thag. vss. 315-19; ThagA.i.402f).

He is probably identical with Ambātaka Thera. Ap.i.394.

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