1. Rahogata Vagga. The second chapter of the Vedanā Samyutta. S.iv.216-30.

2. Rahogata Vagga. The first chapter of the Anuruddha Samyutta. S.v.294ff.

1. Rahogata Sutta. While in solitude a monk thinks of the three kinds of feelings, and, visiting the Buddha, questions him. The Buddha tells him that the statement “Whatsoever is experienced is joined with dukkha" is made concerning the impermanence of compounded things. The ceasing of activities is gradual, so is their mastery. S.iv.216f.

2. Rahogata Suttā. Two Suttas. Moggallāna visits Anuruddha, as the latter is meditating in solitude in Jetavana, and asks for details as to how a monk should practice the four satipatthānas. Anuruddha explains. S.v.294ff.

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