Once, on the slopes of the Himālaya, lived a jackal called Pūtimamsa with his mate Venī. Near by dwelt a flock of wild goats. Pūtimamsa formed a device for killing the goats one by one and eating their flesh, till only a she goat, called Melamātā, was left. Wishing to devour her as well, Pūtimamsa suggested to Venī that he should pretend to be dead and that Venī should then entice Melamātā into the cave by asking her to assist in the funeral rites. But the goat was wise and observant and discovered the ruse. Venī went to her later and saying that Pūtimamsa had recovered consciousness at the very sight of her, invited her to join them in a feast to celebrate his recovery. Melamātā, agreed, saying that she would bring with her a large escort of her friends, fierce dogs, including Maliya, Pingiya, Caturakkha and Jambuka, in order that the celebration might be a great one. At this suggestion Pūtimamsa and Venī fled from their cave, taking rescue elsewhere.

The story was told to the monks in order to impress on them the necessity for keeping guard over their senses. J.iii.532ff.

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