1. Puppha Thera. An eminent teacher of the Vinaya. Vin.v.3.

2. Puppha. One of the five horses of King Kappina, used by him in sending messages. DhA.ii.117.

1. Puppha Vagga. The fourth section of the Dhammapada.

2, Puppha Vagga. The tenth chapter of the Khandha Samyutta. S.iii.137 57.

Puppha (or Vaddha) Sutta. The Buddha declares that he upholds only that which is upheld in the world of sages (panditānam)   viz., that the khandhas are impermanent, subject to woe and decay. The Buddha has thoroughly penetrated the world condition (lokadhamma) of the world of sankhāras. He is like a lotus, sprung from the water and come to full growth therein, yet unspotted by it. S.iii.138f.

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