1. Punnavaddhana. Son of Migāra and husband of Visākhā (q.v.). AA.i.220; DhA.i.387; UdA. 158, etc.

2. Punnavaddhana. One of the gardens laid out by Parakkamabāhu I. in Pulatthipura (Cv.lxxix. 9). In it was a tank, which was connected with the Toyavāpī by the Sarassatī Canal. From this branched off, to the west, the Yamunā Canal. Ibid., 46, 47.

3. Punnavaddhana. The name given to a kind of precious garment. Kundalī of Dvāramandala sent several of these garments to Dīghābhaya through Sūranimila, and Dīghābhaya gave a pair himself to Sūranimila. Mhv.xxiii.33, 37; MT. 450.

Punna was probably another variation of the name. E.g., ibid., 538.

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