1. Pundarīka. One of the state elephants of Pasenadi. DhA.ii.1.

2. Pundarīka. A Niraya; it is a period of suffering in Avīci, equal to twenty Uppalakā. S.i.152; SN., p.126; SNA.ii.476.

3. Pundarīka. One of the four treasure troves left behind by the Buddha when he renounced the world. DA.i.284.

Pundarīka Sutta. A monk, staying in a forest tract in Kosala, once entered a lotus pool and inhaled the scent of a lotus. The deva of the forest, desirous of his welfare, called him "scent thief " and engaged him in conversation, whereby he was greatly agitated. S.i.204f.

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