A bathing place in Sāvatthi, near the Migāramātupāsāda, and therefore to the east of the city. Mention is made (A.iii.345) of the Buddha having bathed there. It was evidently extensive, for Pasenadi's state elephant Seta also bathed there to the accompaniment of music.

The Commentary calls it (AA.ii.668) a nadī.

The bathing place was probably near the Pubbakotthaka (? Eastern Gatehouse) of Sāvatthi, where the Buddha is said to have stayed. S.v.220; the bathing place seems also to have been called Pubbakotthaka. Near by was the hermitage of the brahmin Rammaka (M.i.161).

Public bathing places were generally near the city gates.

Details of this are given at MA.i.370f. There were four bathing places: for the king, for the people, for the Buddha, and the Sangha.

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