The son of a very rich banker in Sāvatthi and the younger brother of Sangāmajita. When grown up, he married and had a son. Soon after, he left the world to join the Order and, dwelling alone in the forest, became an arahant. Once, when he went to Sāvatthi to worship the Buddha, he visited his home. His former wife entertained him, but when he saw that she was trying to tempt him, he hurried away.

In the time of Tissa Buddha he was a hunter. The Buddha, out of compassion for him, went to the forest and stood near him. He provided the Buddha with a seat of grass and paid him homage. Soon after, he was killed by a lion (Thag.vs.34; ThagA.i.96 ff). He is probably identical with Tinamutthidāyaka of the Apadāna. Ap.i.280; see also ii. p.455.

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