An island, probably near Ceylon, the monks of which enjoyed a reputation for extreme holiness.

When Dutthagāmanī, fleeing from Cūlanganiyapitthi, wished to give alms though having so little food, an arahant Thera came from Piyangudīpa to accept it as soon as the time of the almsgiving was announced by the minister Tissa (Mhv.xxiv.24ff).

Again, when Dutthagāmanī, after his conquest of the Damilas, was filled with remorse for his slaughter of men, arahants of Piyangudīpa read his thoughts and came to console him (Mhv.xxv.104ff).

Mention is made of as many as twelve thousand monks living on Piyangudīpa. Mhv.xxxii.55.

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