1. Piya Sutta. A monk who is virtuous, learned, lovely in speech, who cultivates the four jhānas and possesses emancipation in mind and through insight -  such a monk is pious and pleasing in brahmacariyā. A.iii.262.

2. Piya Sutta. Pasenadi visits the Buddha and tells him of certain thoughts which had arisen in his mind regarding self. Those whose conduct in deed, word, and thought is evil, for them the self is a hateful enemy, because that which one enemy would do to another, that they do to the self. For those whose conduct is virtuous, the self is a dear friend. The Buddha approves of the king's exposition. S.i.71f.

3. Piya Sutta. On seven qualities which make a monk beloved of his fellows. A.iv.1f.

4. Piya Sutta. Seven other similar qualities. A.iv.2.

5, 6. Piya Sutta. Eight similar qualities. A.iv.155f., 156.

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