The Buddha retires for his siesta to the Mahāvana, near Kapilavatthu, and the thought occurs to him that he should admonish the monks and look after them tenderly as some of them had only lately joined the Order. Sahampatī appears before him and confirms his intention. The Buddha thereupon goes to the Nigrodhārāma, makes the monks come to him in ones and twos, and talks to them. The life of a recluse is the meanest of callings   to be called a "scrap gatherer." It is entered on by householders solely as a means of escaping from woe. The man who leaves the world and who yet does not fulfil the life of a recluse, is like a faggot from a funeral pyre, burnt at both ends and smeared with filth. Therefore should the monks shun thoughts of lust, ill will and hurt, and practise the four satipatthānas. Thus will they obtain release. S.iii.91ff.

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