The story of a gardener of Bimbisāra. The king expressed a desire to eat mangoes out of season, and the gardener, having promised to satisfy this desire, worked very hard and succeeded in making one of the trees bear four fruits. While on his way to the palace with these fruits, he saw Moggallāna and gave them to him, prepared to bear the king's wrath. Moggallāna gave the fruits to the Buddha, who gave one each to Sāriputta, Mahā Kassapa and Moggallāna.

When Bimbisāra heard of what his gardener had done he was greatly pleased, and granted him a village and made him other presents. After death the gardener was born in Tāvatimsa, where he met Moggallāna. Vv. vi. 3; VvA.288ff.

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