1. Phagguna

A monk. In the Samyutta Nikāya (S.iv.52) he is represented as asking the Buddha if it were possible, by means of any of the senses, to recognize and proclaim the past Buddhas. The Buddha replies in the negative. It is probably the same monk who is mentioned in the Anguttara Nikāya (A.iii.379 ff) as having been visited during his illness by the Buddha on the suggestion of Ananda. The Buddha found Phagguna in bed and grievously ill, and he talked to him and comforted him. Phagguna died soon after, having attained arahantship.

2. Phagguna

See Moliya Phagguna.

1. Phagguna Sutta

A conversation between the Buddha and Phagguna (1) on the possibility of recognizing, by means of the senses, the Buddhas of the past. S.iv. 52.

2. Phagguna Sutta

Contains an account of the Buddha's visit to Phagguna (1) when the latter lay ill. At the end of the sutta is a list of six advantages of hearing the Dhamma and of testing its goodness in time. A.iii.379 ff.

3. Phagguna Sutta

A discussion between the Buddha and Moliya Phagguna as to whether anyone feeds on consciousness, exercises contact, feels, has craving, etc. The Buddha says that the question is badly formed; all these activities are conditioned by other activities, and so on. S.ii.12 ff.

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