A Nāga king living in Anotatta lake. When Cūla Sumana (q.v.) went to the lake to fetch water for his teacher, Pannaka refused to let him take it. There ensued a great struggle of iddhi power between them, in view of the many hosts of deities invoked by Sumana. In the end, Sumana trod with his heel on the head of the Nāga, water squirted forth from the folds of the Nāga's hood and he was overcome. Ashamed of his defeat, Pannaka complained to Sumana's teacher that the novice had stolen the water. But, on the teacher's advice, Pannaka begged forgiveness of Sumana and promised to fetch water from Anotatta whenever he should need it. Sumana visited him again at the Buddha's instigation, in order that his power might be manifest to others. DhA.iv.129ff.

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