1. Panduka

One of the Chabbaggiyā. He and Lohitaka were leaders of a special group called the Pandukalohitakā, who are mentioned as having been guilty of various offences against Vinaya rules (Vin.ii.1, 5, 6).

Panduka and Lohitaka lived at Jetavana and encouraged heretics by upholding their views. The Satapatta Jātaka was preached in reference to these two (MA.ii.668; J.ii.387).

They were the least evil of the Chabbaggiyī. Sp.iii.614.

2. Panduka

A Damila usurper. He killed Mittasena and reigned for five years over Ceylon (433 8 A.C.), during which time he was unsuccessful in his attempts to kill Dhātusena, the rightful heir. Panduka's son was Parinda. Cv.xxxviii.11, 21, 29.

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