The Bodhisatta born as king of Benares. He was the son of Brahmadatta, and was named Pañcāvudha-kumāra because eight hundred brahmins prophesied that he would win glory through prowess in arms. He studied in Takkasilā, and, at the end of his course, his teacher gave him a set of five weapons. On the way home he had a conflict with an ogre named Silesaloma, against whom his weapons were of no avail, as they could not penetrate the ogre's hair. But he fought on, and the ogre, marvelling at his courage and his fearlessness, set him free. He thereupon preached to the ogre and converted him. Pañcāvudha later became king of Benares. J.i.272ff.

The ogre is identified with Angulimāla. The story was related in reference to a monk who had renounced all effort. J.i.272ff.

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