An arahant. One hundred thousand kappas ago she was a recluse wandering from one monastery to another. One dark night she sat at the foot of the bodhi tree and wished that the tree should shine in radiance. Her wish was granted, and for seven days she sat there, and on the ninth day she lit five lamps under the tree. After death she was born in Tāvatimsa, and her palace was known as Pañcadīpī.

She had the power of seeing in all directions without turning her head. She was eighty times queen of the king of the devas. In her last life she attained arahantship at the age of seven. Ap.ii.527f.

The same story is told in identical words under the name of another Therī, called Pañcadīpikā (Ibid., ii.519f). The verses are also attributed in the Therīgāthā Commentary to the Therī Selā. ThigA.62f.

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