A devarāja, the god of rain. He was subject to the will of Sakka, and the books contain instances of his causing rain to fall at the command of Sakka (J.i.330; Mhv.xxi.31; J.iv.253).

He was also influenced by the exercise of saccakiriyā (protestation of truth) E.g., J.i.331f. Buddhaghosa (SA.i.64) describes him as Vassavalāhaka, and says that he was an inhabitant of the Cātummahārājika-world. Kokanadā and Culla Kokanadā were his daughters (S.i.29f).

Pajjunna is mentioned among the Mahāyakkhas to be invoked in time of need (D.iii.205), and he was present at the preaching of the Mahāsamaya Sutta. Ibid., ii.260.

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