1. Pajāpati

A name given to Māra, because he uses his power over all creatures. M.i.2; MA.i.28.

2. Pajāpati

One of the kings of the devas, mentioned with Sakka, Varuna, Isāna, etc. S.i.219; D.i.244; in J.v.28 he is mentioned with Varuna and Soma; see also D.ii.274; DA.iii.709.

Buddhaghosa says (SA.i.262) that he, among the gods, was like Sakka in looks and that he lived to the same age, but in the assembly he occupied the second seat. He is sometimes mentioned with Brahmā, as distinct from him. J.vi.568, 571; M.i.140, 327, 329.

In the Atānātiya Sutta (D.iii.204) he is mentioned among the Mahāyakkhas, to be invoked by followers of the Buddha in times of danger.

3. Pajāpati

See Mahā Pajāpatī Gotamī.

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