An Asura chief (D.ii.259). Buddhaghosa says (AA.ii.758) he was one of the three leaders of the Asuras, the others being Vepacitti and Rāhu. He first conceived a wish to see the Buddha on the day of the Enlightenment; but this wish was not fulfilled until eleven years later, when he visited the Buddha at Verañjā. The conversation which then took place is recorded in the Pahārāda Sutta (q.v.).

Pahārāda Sutta

Preached at the Nalerupucimandamūla in Verañjā where Pahārāda (q.v.) visited the Buddha. In answer to a question, Pahārāda tells the Buddha that there are eight wonderful characteristics of the ocean, on account of which Asuras delight in it. The Buddha tells him of eight similar qualities in his own teaching and discipline, wherefore monks find joy in them. A.iv.197ff.

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