1. Padumā

Chief of the women patrons of Anomadassī Buddha. Bu.viii.24.

2. Padumā

Chief of the lay women supporters of Sujāta Buddha. Bu.xiii.30.

3. Padumā

Mother of Tissa Buddha. Bu.xviii.16.

4. Padumā

Chief of women patrons of Phussa Buddha. Bu.xix.21; J.i.40.

5. Padumā

One of the chief women disciples of Sikhī Buddha. Bu.xxi.21; J.i.41.

6. Padumā

Wife of Dipankara Buddha, in his last lay life. Bu.ii.209; Mbv.p.4.

7. Padumā

One of the most distinguished lay women, followers of the Buddha (A.iv.347). She was the wife of Mendaka and her full name was Candapadumā (q.v.).

8. Padumā

A distinguished Therī of Ceylon. Dpv.xviii.24.

9. Padumā

One of the chief women disciples of Metteyya Buddha. Anāgat.,vs.98.

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