A district in Ceylon near Cittapabbata (Mhv.xxiii.4; see Mhv.Trs.155, n.3 and Cv. Trs.i.71, n.2) in which was the Vettavāsa vihāra, given by Aggabodhi II. to the Kalinga minister who was ordained by Jotipāla Thera (Cv.xlii.48). The road to the district lay to the south of Anurādhapura, past the Potters' Village. The Visuddhimagga (p.90) speaks of it as a prosperous place.

The Anguttara Commentary (AA.ii.489; also DA.iii.1010) has a story of a monk of the vihāra who was a pamsukulika and became an arahant.

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