1. Pabbatūpama Sutta

Pasenadi comes to the Buddha and tells him that he has been much occupied with kingly matters. The Buddha reminds him by means of a parable that old age and death are ceaselessly rolling on upon him, like mighty mountains crushing everything in their way. Against such an advance his counsellors and his armies would be useless, and the king admits that leading the righteous life is the only way (S.i.100f). The Commentary adds (SA.i.131f ) that on the occasion of this visit the king had been attacked by bandits lying in wait for him in the Andhavana. He had, however, been warned, and, having surrounded the wood destroyed the bandits.

2. Pabbatūpama Sutta

The dukkha which one Ariyan disciple who has won understanding has destroyed, placed beside the dukkha which remains to be destroyed, would be like the whole Himālaya beside seven grains of gravel the size of mustard seeds. S.v.464.

3. Pabbatūpama Sutta

Same as (2) above, except that the simile used is that of the Himalayas as it is, compared with what it would be if it were wasted away to the size of seven grains of gravel the size of mustard seeds. S.v.465.

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