Ogha Vagga.-Several chapters in the Samyutta Nikāya are called by this name; thus, in

1. Ogha Sutta.-A deva visits the Buddha at Jetavana and asks him how he crossed the "Flood." "Unstayed and unstriving," answers the Buddha. The deva is puzzled by the answer, until it is explained to him that a wrong support of footing and misdirected effort are as fatal as drowning straight away. The deva expresses his adoration of the Buddha (S.i.1).

The Commentary (SA.i.14) adds that the deva was conceited, thinking he knew all about the saint ship of a Buddha, hence the enigmatic reply, in order to puzzle him (v.l. Oghatarana Sutta).

2. Ogha Sutta.-Sāriputta explains to Jambukhādaka the four floods: of sensual desire, of becoming, of wrong views, of ignorance. S.iv.257f.

3. Ogha Sutta.-Sāriputta explains the four floods to Sāmandaka. S.iv.261f.

4. Ogha Sutta.-The Buddha instructs the monks on the four floods. S.v.59.

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