1. Niggundipupphiya Thera

An arahant. Ninety one kappas ago he was the monastery attendant (ārāmika) of Vipassī Buddha, and once gave a niggundi flower to the Buddha. Thirty five kappas ago he was king, under the name of Mahāpatāpa (Ap.i.205). He is probably identical with Vīra Thera. ThagA.i.50f.

2. Niggundipupphiya Thera

An arahant. In the past he had been an inhabitant of the deva world and listened to the preaching of a disciple of Padumuttara Buddha, called Sumana. He then offered a niggundi flower on the seat of the Buddha. In this life he entered the Order at the age of seven, and after listening to a sermon by Ananda became an arahant. He was sixteen times king, under the names of Abbuda and Nirabudda. Ap.i.262f.

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