1. Neru

The name of a king of India, descendant of Mahāsammata. He was the son of Mahāsudassana and father of Mahā Neru. Mhv.ii.5; Dpv.iii.8.

2. Neru

A mountain in Himavā. All birds settling there become golden. J.iii.247; c.p. Kākaneru, Mahāneru, Sineru, Meru.

Neru Jātaka (No. 379)

Once, the Bodhisatta was a golden swan living on Cittakūta with his brother. One day, while flying homewards, they saw Mount Neru and settled down there. All the birds there looked golden by virtue of the lustre of the mountain, and no one paid honour to the Bodhisatta and big brother; so they flew away.

The story was related in reference to a monk of a frontier village. At first he was honoured by the people who, however, later, transferred their favours elsewhere. But the monk, though very unhappy, contrived to stay on. When the Buddha heard of this, he rebuked the monk for remaining where he was not appreciated. J.iii.246ff.

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