1. Naradeva. A yakkha who, once a fortnight, took possession of Kāvinda and made him bark like a dog. When this happened Kāvinda's son shut him up indoors. J.vi.383,387.

2. Naradeva. A man eating yakkha who lived in a lake near Khemavati. The Buddha Kakusandha visited him and converted him. Bu.xxiii.5ff.; BuA.210f.

3. Naradeva. A yakkha, who went about from city to city, killing the kings and taking possession of their harems. When his identity was discovered by the women, he would eat them and go elsewhere. When he came to the city of Sunanda, the Buddha Kassapa preached to him and converted him. Bu.xxv.7ff.; BuA.219.

4. Naradeva. The last of the descendants of Bhaddadeva who reigned in Kannagoccha. Seven of his descendants reigned in Rojanagara. Dpv.iii.27.

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