A village in Kosala, where the Buddha once stayed and preached the Nalakapāna Sutta (M.i.462). The village received its name from the Nalakapāna pokkharani (MA.ii.66 4f.; AA.ii.813). The reason for the name of this pond, which was in the village, is given in the Nalapāna Jātaka. There were two groves near the village, the Ketakavana and the Palāsavana; in the latter, Sāriputta preached two sermons at the request of the Buddha. A.v.122f., 125 f.

1. Nalakapāna Sutta

Preached at the Palāsavana in Nalakapāna. The Buddha asks the assembled monks - among whom are many distinguished members, such as Anuruddha, Kimbīla, Nandiya and others - if they feel they have realized the aim for which they have given up household life? On their assenting, he proceeds to tell them that when he claims that he has destroyed the āsavas and that his disciples have gained various attainments through his teaching, he does so, not in order to cajole or to delude others, nor to gain fame and profit for himself, but to hearten and fill with enthusiasm believing young men, that they may concentrate with their whole hearts and follow the example of his disciples. M.i.462ff.

2. Nalakapāna Sutta

The Buddha, having preached to the monks in Palāsavana in Nalakapāna till late at night, asks Sāriputta to continue, as he has pain in his back and wishes to rest. Sāriputta thereupon takes up the sermon and tells the monks of the necessity for saddhā, hiri, ottappa, viriya and paññā, for the performance of good works. The Buddha returns and praises Sāriputta. A.v.122ff.

3. Nalakapāna Sutta

The circumstances are the same as in (2), but the qualities mentioned by Sāriputta differ -  saddhā, hiri, ottappa, viriya, sotāvadhāna, dhammadhāranā, atthupaparikkhā, dhammānudhammapatipatti, and appamāda. A.v.125ff.

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