1. Nakula

Second of the five sons of King Pandu, the others being Ajjuna, Bhimasena, Yudhitthila and Sahadeva. All of them became husbands of Kanhā.

 J. v. 424, 426. 

2. Nakula

A Damila chief, ally of Kulasekhara. Cv. lxxvi. 139. 

3. Nakula

One of the chief lay supporters of Atthadassi Buddha. Bu. xv. 21. 

4. Nakula

Son of Nakulapitā and Nakulamātā. There is nothing further recorded of him. SA. ii. 181. 

Nakula Jātaka (No. 165)

The Bodhisatta was once an ascetic in the Himalayas. Near his walk lived a mongoose and a snake who were always quarrelling. He preached to them the virtues of amity and dispelled their suspicions of each other.

The story was related to two of Pasenadi's officers, who were always quarrelling. For details see the Uraga Jātaka (No. 154). The two noblemen are identified with the two animals. J. ii. 52 ff.

1. Nakula Sutta

Records the incident of the grievous illness of Nakulapitā, when his wife admonished him to be calm and collected, saying there was no reason to be fretful. A. iii. 295.

2. Nakula Sutta

Nakulamātā visits the Buddha at Bhesakalāvana. The Buddha tells her of eight qualities which will secure for a woman birth among the Manāpakāyika-devas. A. iv. 268 f.; 265 f.

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