1. Nāgadatta Thera

He once lived in a forest tract in Kosala and was inclined to be indolent. A deva, noticing this, admonished him, and it is said that Nagadatta paid heed to the warning. S.i.200.

2. Nāgadatta

A deva, living, according to one account (SA.i.217), in Kelāsapabbata; according to another (ThagA.i.138; AA.i.139), in Gandhamādana. Anuruddha, when residing in the Chaddantavana, used to pass by his dwelling, and the deva gave him milk rice with lotus honey. When Sivalī visited Gandhamādana with five hundred monks, the deva gave them milk rice one day and clarified butter the next. When the monks inquired how he could get milk and ghee, he told them that this was the result of a gift of milk rice given by him in the time of Kassapa Buddha.

Nāgadatta Sutta

Records the admonition given by a deva to Nāgadatta Thera (q.v.). S.i.200.

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