A king of Magadha, great grandson of Ajātasattu and son of Anuruddha. He slew his father and came to the throne, but, in turn, he was slain by his son Nāgadāsaka (Mhv.iv.2ff.; DA.i.153; Dvy.369).

It is probably this same king who is referred to in the Anguttara Nikāya (iii.57ff). His wife Bhaddā died, and Munda gave himself up to complete despair and mummified the queen's body. The king's Treasurer, Piyaka, consulted the Elder Nārada who lived at Kukkutārāma in Pātaliputta and persuaded him to visit the king. Nārada preached to him, and his sorrow vanished.

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