A tank in Ceylon, built by Mahāsena and repaired by Parakkamabāhu I. (Mhv.xxxvii.47. MT.680; Cv.lxviii.44). The district round it was called by the same name (Cv.lxix.8). In Parakkamabāhu's campaign against Gajabāhu, the officers in charge of the district were Nīlagallaka (Cv.lxx.67) and, later, the Nagaragiri Mahinda. Cv.lxx.200.

The place seems to have had some strategic importance (e.g., Cv.lxii.177, 201) and to have been situated to the south of Anurādhapura and the west of Kālavāpi (Cv.Trs.i.336, n.4).

Moravāpi was the residence of the Elder Mahādatta, who was called Moravāpivāsī. E.g., DhSA.267, 284, 286.

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