A grove in Veluvana at Rājagaha. It contained a Paribbājakārāma, the resort of recluses of various denominations. The Udumbarikā Sīhanāda, the Mahā Sakuladāyi and the Culla Sakūladāyi Suttas were preached there (D.iii.36ff.; M.ii.1, 29).

The place was so called because peacocks were protected there and food was provided for them (DA.iii.835; MA.ii.694).

The Moranivāpa was on the bank of the Sumāgadhā and the Buddha is mentioned (D.iii.39) as walking there. Not far away was the park of the Queen Udumbarikā (D.iii.36).

See also Moranivāpa Sutta, 1 and 2.

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