1. Moggallāna Sutta. Vangīsa sings the praises of Mahā Moggallāna before the Buddha and a company of five hundred Arahants. S.i.194f.; cf. Thag.1249 51.

2. Moggallāna Sutta. Another name for the Pāsādakampana Sutta.

3. Moggallāna Sutta. The Buddha holds up Mahā Moggallāna as an example of a monk who, by cultivating the four iddhi-pādas, obtained magic power and majesty. S.v.288.

4. Moggallāna or Ayatana Sutta. Vacchagotta asks Mahā Moggallāna a series of questions as to whether the world is eternal or finite, and Moggallāna replies that these matters have not been revealed by the Buddha because the Buddha's point of view is different from that of other teachers. Vacchagotta seeks the Buddha, asks the same questions, and receives the same answers and the same explanation. S.iv.291.

5. Moggallāna Sutta. Mahā Moggallāna wonders how many devas have become sotāpannas and are assured of Nibbāna. In order to discover this, he visits Tissa Brahmā, who had once been a monk. Tissa welcomes him and tells him that only those devas who have faith in the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha have such assurance. A.iii.331f.

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