1. Mittāmitta Jātaka (No. 197). The Bodhisatta was once the leader of a band of ascetics, and one of these, disregarding the advice of the Bodhisatta, adopted a young elephant whose dam was dead. The elephant grew up and slew its master.

The story was told in reference to a monk who took a piece of cloth belonging to his teacher and made with it a shoe bag, feeling sure that his teacher would not mind. The latter, however, flew into a rage and struck him. J.ii.130ff.

2. Mittāmitta Jātaka (No. 473). The Bodhisatta was once the minister of Brahmadatta, king of Benares. At that time the other ministers were slandering a certain courtier who was upright. The king consulted the Bodhisatta, who pointed out to him the marks of a friend as opposed to those of a foe.

The story was told to the king of Kosala, who consulted the Buddha on a similar matter. J.iv.496ff.

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