The child of a decayed family of Sāvatthi. He sent a companion to offer marriage to a young girl of good family and the question was asked whether he had any friends. The answer being in the negative, he was asked to make some. This advice was taken, and he struck up a friendship with the four gate keepers and, through them, with the town warders, astrologers, nobles, commander in chief, viceroy, king, various monks and, finally, the Buddha himself. He therefore came to be known as Mittagandhaka ("man of many friends"). The king showed him great favor and arranged for the celebration of his marriage. He received numerous presents from people in the highest circles, and on the seventh day the young married pair invited the Buddha and five hundred monks to a meal at their house. At the end of the meal the Buddha preached to them and they became sotāpannas. (J.iv.288f )

The Mahā Ukkusa Jātaka was preached in reference to them.

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