1. Mittā (v.l. Mettā) Therī. Ninety one kappas ago, in the time of Vipassī Buddha, she was one of the consorts of King Bandhumā and won meritorious kamma by bestowing food and costly raiment on an arahant Therī. After death she was born in Tavātimsa and was wife of the king of the gods thirty times, and then chief queen of twenty kings of men. In this age she belonged to a Sākyan family of Kapilavatthu and left the world with Pajāpatī Gotamī, winning arahantship soon after. (Thig.vs.31f )

She is evidently identical with Ekapinidadāyikā of the Apadāna. ThigA.36f.; Ap.ii.515f.

2. Mittā. Younger sister of Vijayabāhu I. She married the Pandu king and had three sons, Mānābharana, Kittisirimegha and Sirivallabha. Cv.lix.41; lxi.1; lxii.1.

3. Mittā. Daughter of Mānābharana (1), her sister being Pabhāvatī. She married Mānābharana, son of Sirivallabha. Cv.lxii.3; lxiii.6; lxiv.19.

1. Mittā Sutta. Those whom one holds in affection one should admonish and establish in the satipatthānas. S.v.189.

2. Mittā Sutta. The same as 1, with the four Ayrian Truths. S.v.434.

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