1. Mitta. A general of King Elāra. He was governor of a village (Khandarāji) in East Ceylon. Nandimitta was his nephew. Mhv.xxxiii.4ff.

2. Mitta. One of the ten sons of Mutasīva. Dpv.xi.7.

3. Mitta. A general of Vijayabāhu IV. He slew Vijayabāhu and occupied the throne for a few days at Jambuddoni, but the Ariyan mercenaries refused him their allegiance, and their leader, Thakuraka, out off his head as he sat on the throne. Cv.xc.2ff.

4. Mitta. A householder of Kosambī who later adopted Sāmāvatī (q. v.). DhA.i.189.

5. Mitta. A common name. E.g., J.iv.478; Vibhā.138; MA.i.454, etc.

1. Mitta Sutta. On what constitutes a good friend in various circumstances. S.i.37.

2. Mitta Sutta. A real friend is he who gives what is hard to give, does what is hard to do, and bears what is hard to bear. A.i.286.

3. Mitta Sutta. Five qualities which make a man a bad friend. A.iii.171.

4. Mitta Sutta. A monk who is a bad friend will never follow the course of training which leads to all destruction of lust and passion. A.iii.422.

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