Migajāla Thera. Son of Visākhā. Having heard the Dhamma during his frequent visits to the vihāra, he entered the Order and in due time became an Arahant. (Thag. 417-22; ThagA.i.452f).

The Samyutta Nikāya (S.iv.35f ) contains two discussions which he had with the Buddha; the second was a teaching in brief which he learned before going to the forest to live in solitude prior to his attainment of arahantship.

Migajāla Vagga. The second chapter of the Salāyatana Samyutta. S.iv.35-83.

Migajāla Sutta. Migajāla visits the Buddha and asks for a brief teaching before going to live in the forest. The Buddha tells him how lure arises from various objects of the senses and how the destruction of this lure means the destruction of dukkha. Migajāla profits by the lesson and, contemplating it, becomes an Arahant. S.iv.37f

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